Bender BoundTake a look back at the past year of posts here on Lost Cowboy and you might be tempted to suggest we rename the site “Books & Bourbon” with all the posts about the two subjects we feature.

Well, it is no secret we love our books and our bourbon and we will keep posting about the great finds we discover on both subjects.  However, today we are quite pleased to combine the two with our latest find: the repurposed books of Bender Bound.  Yes, the folks at Bender Bound take vintage books and remake them into hidden flask holders.  So cool!

About Bender Bound“Here at Bender Bound, we’ve come up with a practical use for all those lonely books gathering dust on shelves across the country: we’ve hidden flasks in them! Looking for the perfect graduation present, mentor present, birthday present, Mother’s Day gift, Father’s Day gift, Christmas present, Hanukkah present, Holiday gift, new parent gift, Valentine’s Day present, congrats on passing the [LSAT, GMAT, MCAT, bar exam, Series 7, and/or medical boards] present, thank you for [keeping me out of jail, doubling my investment, and/or restarting my heart] present? Look no further. Young or old, rich or poor, male or female, everyone loves the gift of booze.”

You can choose the type of book you want for your Bender Bound flask hider.  For example, for the lawyer in your life, you can get a law book.  I particularly like the use of The Joy of Cooking, because as the folks at Bender Bound say, “everyone knows the best chefs enjoy a wee nip of the good stuff every now and again.”

Despite the fact that we generally don’t like the idea of destroying books, we have to say we like when things are put to a new use.  It is much better to save a book by turning it into a place to stash your favorite hooch than have it end up in the landfill.  Besides, you just have to love a company whose tagline is:  “Hiding Books in Booze Since 2011.”

See the creations of Bender Bound here.