returnI could not let Good Friday go by without an appreciation for a piece of art I have hanging the living room of this old house in New Hampshire.  It is a large framed print by British/German artist Herbert Gustav Schmalz from 1903 called The Return From Calvary.

The image is epic in scale as it depicts the family of Jesus of Nazareth following his crucifixion, an event Christians mark on this day.

I love this work and fell in love with it the first time I saw it as it hung in my good friend Lynda’s grandmother’s home.  Years later, Lynda asked me if I would like to borrow the piece to hang in my home – kind of like when museums lend parts of their collections to other museums for special exhibits.  I took her up on that offer right away.

Now, several years later, I am pleased to say I still have the print and it hangs in a prominent place in my home.  I look at it every day and not only marvel at the image itself (I find new details often), but what it represents.

The artistic, historical and religious meanings aside, the print also represents what has become a treasured tradition with Lynda – our friendly exchange program of art and antiques.  Since we first exchanged this print, we have gone on share all sorts of things and it has further enhanced our already great friendship.

As a shout-out to Lynda and her blog, Grateful Evermore, I am grateful on this holiest of days on the Christian calendar, for great friends and shared passions.

The Return From Calvary by Herbert Gustav Schmalz as it hangs today in my home: