TITANCANYou may have heard, today marks 100 years since the sinking of the Titanic.  Thanks to Mr. James Cameron (and Kate and Leo) it seems like just yesterday.

Lost Cowboy fans will no doubt be aware that we are not jumping on the centenary bandwagon, as we have marked the anniversary every year since we’ve been around.

Last year my Titanic post made a promise of making a model of the doomed ship in time for the 100th anniversary.  As Anderson Cooper would say, “keeping them honest“, how did I do?  Well, I can say I bought the model, glue and paints and I had every intention of making the model, but alas, I did not.  However, it sits on a shelf in my studio and many times over the past year I glanced at it and thought “I should get on that.”  Maybe for the next anniversary.

This year I found another cool Titanic item, the Floating Titanic Candle from Design 3003, a German retailer.  I just love the idea of a floating ship candle, and making the Titanic is just awesome.  I see it floating around in a kiddie pool filled with big chunks of ice and cold water keeping Diet Coke in glass bottles (and other adult beverages) cold for a summer party.

TTN2The Titanic candle is made by the German design company Donkey Products and is available from them as well on their site.  I was not able to find it from a US retailer.  Anyway, this candle is very cool.

As cool as the Titanic candle is, it is not as cool as the single best Titanic-themed product ever, which was the subject of my very first Titanic anniversary post in 2010 – the Titanic Ice Cube Tray – truly inspired.