We hope you enjoyed our postings from our trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina . We liked exploring the city and finding pleasant surprises around almost every corner.

It was great to see a fresh and vibrant arts scene and the antiques and collectibles of the San Telmo markets were truly amazing.


Many of you have been asking whatever came of my search to find an Argentine companion to my lost cowboy figure that is the mascot for this site. Well, when I last commented on the search, I was poking around the dozens of antiques and collectible stalls that fill the galleries of San Telmo.

I must have looked at a million small items looking for a little gaucho figure. Heck, before the trip I found a bunch on eBay – but I wanted to find one on the ground in Argentina . There were many similar figures, tons of little military men, knights, and even good old cowboys and Indians. But after hours of scouring the markets, I was a little worn out so we decided to break away from the hubbub of the street fair and grab a late lunch at a café.

The lunch was great and did the trick; we were well rested and had the energy to walk back through the market to end the day. The walk back was much more casual, we looked at the booths set up on the street, stopped to enjoy the street performers and just enjoy the atmosphere.

At one point we passed one of the galleries we had not poked into early and thought “what the heck.”  After looking at a few of the stalls with display cases filled to the brim with treasures, I turned around to see another glass case with a smiling vendor gesturing for me to come look.  I walked over and as if he was sitting there waiting for me was a little Argentine gaucho figure.  It was the fastest sale in history and made a great day, perfect.