FWPI think living in Boston on this date in 1912 – one hundred years ago – must have been really something.  Why? Well, because we are still talking about and appreciating a couple of major events that happened back in April 1912.

First, as we have noted, the world was just beginning to hear the stories of the sinking of the Titanic, stories that still intrigue us today.  Meanwhile, Boston was just about to celebrate the opening of Fenway Park, which today is the grand dame of American ball parks.

As with the centenary of Titanic, there is a flood of tributes to mark the special anniversary of Fenway, including a slew of books.  One of the best books I have seen is Fenway Park (Images of America) part of the wonderful Images of America series from Arcadia Publishing.

As a lifelong baseball fan, mostly a fan of the Red Sox, I have been to Fenway many times.  Every time I step into the Park I experience a wave of nostalgia based on my own experience.  In Fenway Park (Images of America), the Park is shown in some wonderful pictures that show how special Fenway is to the collective memory of Boston and indeed our nation. 

About Fenway Park (Images of America)“Five days after the sinking of the Titanic, Boston’s Fenway Park held its grand opening. Since that day, millions have witnessed the Red Sox play baseball. Their ‘Royal Rooters’ evolved into the ‘Fenway Faithful’ and are now commonly referred to as ‘Red Sox Nation.’ Nine World Series have been staged upon Fenway’s turf, along with three Major League All-Star Games. Aside from baseball, Fenway has been host to professional and amateur football games, ice hockey, basketball, soccer, lacrosse, hurling, boxing and wrestling matches, and even a circus. Music from concerts has reverberated across its lawn, religious services have been held, and political rallies staged–all adding patches to the quilt of Fenway’s rich, illustrious history. The structure that noted author John Updike referred to many decades ago as ‘a lyric little band box’ has become one of New England’s most beloved historical landmarks.”

Fenway Park (Images of America) is more than a book about a ballpark of interest only to baseball fans, it is a homage to the unique American popular culture that is the constant of baseball as told through a structure that has marked the time.

Fenway Park (Images of America) is available from Amazon and other booksellers.