Continuing our reports from our trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina

We rented an apartment in the Palermo neighborhood for our stay in Buenos Aires.  The section of Palermo we were in was pretty much residential, with block after block of high rise apartment buildings. But the streets were lined with shops and cafes which made it quite pleasant.  Another section of Palermo, Palermo Soho, is a quickly gentrifying area around Plaza Serrano on the south-western edge of the district. Palermo Soho is a fashionable area for shops, galleries, restaurants, and bars with a young, hip urban vibe.


We spent an afternoon visiting the shops and galleries in the area and found it to be quite enjoyable.  We especially enjoyed poking around a shop called Papelera Palermo.

Everything about Papelera Palermo is a treat.  From the street the storefront is inviting with its unique façade that leads to a small courtyard and the main entrance.  But once inside you are pleasantly overwhelmed by this store’s offerings.

Papelera Palermo is at its essence a paper store.  Papelera Palermo makes and sells paper and paper related products.  You can find paper by the sheet in some unique designs and prints.  We thought there we many of the sheets that could be framed as is as a work of art.

Papelera Palermo is a full service shop, with retail products as well as custom offerings and they even offer classes.  Enough to make me wish I could have stayed around longer.


But we were impressed with this store and their offerings.  There were some uniquely Argentine papers, including one with pictures of Eva Perón which makes a fine souvenir.

The shop also has all the standard stationary items and a fine selection of notebooks, leather-bound journals and the like. We spent quite time (and money) here.  Papelera Palermo is a fine representation of the Palermo Soho area and a city ready for its time in the spotlight.

See Papelera Palermo’s selections online here.