FCTMy recent post about teardrop campers has had me thinking about camping.  When I was a kid there was nothing better than “camping” out in the back yard in the summer.  For several years my tent of choice was a little orange pup tent which was a lot of fun.  However, I can’t tell you how much I wish I had the option of tent from FieldCandy back then.  FieldCandy offers a line of “designer” camping tents that are just about the coolest things ever to hit the camping world.

About Field Candy“FieldCandy is an exciting design-led brand of tents. We are here to inject color, creativity and fun into the camping space by offering a range of totally unexpected designs. We aim to delight our customers and excite anyone who sees our products.  FieldCandy tents are fun. But they’re serious too. They keep you as dry in the rain and as snug in a gale as any conventional high performance tent. And because we use a good old-fashioned cotton inner tent, you don’t get the condensation that comes as standard with most modern tents.”

The designs offered by FieldCandy include designs like this kissing couple, as well as tents that mock a slice or cheese or watermelon, or a quilt or circus tent.  I defy you to go to FieldCandy and not be charmed and/or inspired by their cool tent designs.

See all the tent designs of FieldCandy here.