So we did make it to Brimfield the other day.  My good friend Lynda and I love going to Brimfield every year – especially the show in May which basically kicks off the season of antique hunting for us. 

We had originally planned to attend Thursday and Friday, but the weather was rainy all week and threatened Thursday and Friday as well.  However, after checking the forecast it looked like Thursday was the best bet so we decided to make the drive out to the western Massachusetts town bright and early.  Despite the fact it was raining when we left, by the time we arrived in Brimfield the sun was out.  Perfect!

It was obvious that the dealers were a little worse for wear having sat in the rain since Tuesday and there was a lot of mud and puddles in the fields – but alas it was the Brimfield Show and we dug right in.

I made a few purchases, nothing major, but I will post about them in the coming days.

The Brimfield Show for May 2012 runs through tomorrow – with sunny and warm weather due.  So if you have the means, by all mean, get out there.

Find more information of the Brimfield antique shows on these sites:


In the meantime, here is a little gallery of some of the pictures I took of the merchandise on display…