Well the first of the three Brimfield Shows of the 2012 season is a fading memory, but I have just a few more notes about my trip there last week to wrap it all up.

Vintage collectibles in a jar…

Lynda I came across a dealer who had some “smalls” displayed in old canning jars – like these vintage toy cowboys.  I love the idea of it.  I have so many of these types of things that are hard to display and think that this is a fun way to show off your collections.  I can picture a mantle with various sized canning jars filled with dice, toy building blocks, buttons, old nails or any kind of small collectible.


Gotta love Matchbox cars…

I have to say that my first-ever collection were the Matchbox cars I had when I was a wee lad.  I not only played with them, I collected them and was a member of the Matchbox Collectors Club long before I ever thought they could be valuable.  Anyway, we came across a dealer at Brimfield who had quite a collection of Matchbox cars for sale – from the high-end in the over $100 range – to the low-end, like these, a dozen for $8.  Lynda helped me pick out this set which I will be using in a major art piece I am working on.


Who’s up for a game of Mahjong?

I haven’t played Mahjong in years, and when I did, it was a cheesy computer game version on my Commodore Vic 20 circa 1983.  However, I have always loved the iconic Mahjong game pieces.  I picked up this mini-collection of Mahjong pieces at Brimfield – four for $1.  I am not sure where they will end up, but I like just having them around.


Lost toys…  Found!

Finally. I picked up this diverse lot from a very engaging vintage toy dealer at Brimfield.  I am always a sucker for the mis-matched and/or damage toy solider (or “lost cowboy” as it were) and I love this vintage golfer cake topper and little red truck.  I think this type of lot is my favorite kind of find at Brimfield and other shows.