tf2We had a great time this past Sunday at Todd Farm, the wonderful Antique flea market in Rowley, MA.  We were there for the first time this season to share our eclectic mix of vintage goods mostly curated out of my mother’s vast sewing collectible collection and the barn here in NH.

The weather was perfect and it was great to see so many of our regular visitors from last year stop by to say hi and see what’s new.  We were also thrilled to have surprise visits from friends and family – even a favorite puppy friend.  Thanks to everyone – old and new – who came out to see us.

Once again, Mom’s buttons were the big draw and we sold a ton of them to appreciative customers.  Also a big hit were the many cameras I had collected over the winter from various auctions.  I brought 20 or so old box cameras (below) and sold several of them.  I also had various vintage 35mm cameras which drew great interest from the 20-something crowd, which made me happy and hopeful for the future of our culture.

We will be back to Todd Farm a few more times this season – so keep posted here for details.  Or “friend” us on Facebook to ensure you receive all the updates.

Also this season, we will be doing our first ever art shows – where we will share our photography, vintage-inspired original art and carefully curated “found” art works.  Stay tuned for complete details here as well.