saltdishI’ve often wondered what new readers of Lost Cowboy make of it after looking back over my past posts.  I realize I am always going on about my favorite things and sometimes these things may not seem to be similar in any way.

Long ago I promised that over time readers of this blog would come to know the Lost Cowboy sensibility or aesthetic – and I hope that is true.  If not, keep reading, it just may hit you when you least expect it.

Anyway, one of these things that I love (which I just realized I have not talked about in a while) is salt and everything that goes with it – like salt cellars – which among many other things – I happen to collect.

One of the coolest salt cellars I have seen in some time is this Teak Salt Dish and Spoon I found at Brooklyn-based Brook Farm General Store.  Described as “a handmade teak salt cellar with matching spoon; with a curved teardrop shape on which to rest the bowl of the spoon,” this would look great on a summer dinner table.

See the Teak Salt Dish and Spoon and all the great products of Brook Farm General Store here.