DTSLast summer I made several posts featuring fun stores I found in resort areas that cater to the lifestyle of summer and/or seaside living.  I continue to come across such places, but none better than today’s find, the wonderful Daytrip Society of Kennebunkport, Maine.

If you are fortunate to visit the lovely village of Kennebunkport this summer you can stop by the Daytrip Society retail store.  However, you can also see the great items they offer on their website and have them delivered to your door, no matter where you are.

About Daytrip Society: “Daytrip Society is a destination for those inspired by the romance of nature and the adventure of travel, founded by native Mainers and ardent daytrippers Jessica Jenkins and Andy West. Located in Kennebunkport, Maine, the boutique features a unique mix of gifts, home décor, gear and hand-crafted treasures that blends modern design with the outdoors to fulfill your inner wanderlust, while also protecting that which it celebrates- in addition to carrying myriad green and organic lines, Jessica and Andy also raise awareness for and donate to local nature conservatories such as the Rachel Carson Wildlife Refuge and the Kennebunkport Conservation Trust.”

I love many of the items offered by Daytrip Society, but my eye keeps going to the Thomas Paul Scrimshaw Moby Tray describes as being “just perfect for a summer dinner on the porch, an outdoor party, or to bring on the boat. “

See all the great offerings of Daytrip Society here.