MATCHSFI feature some high-end finds here from time to time that are out of reach for most of us but fun to dream about.  So I love when I find something I love that is relatively inexpensive but still cool.  Such in the case with today’s find, the Coleman Match Safe from Farm & Fleet.

I love matches and prefer them to lighters (despite what you may have read here).  I love the smell of a freshly lit match and the scent of burning wood.  I keep matches on hand to light candles, my citronella lamps and torches, wood stove and the occasional cigar.  The Coleman Match Safe is described: “Keeps matches safe and dry; Nickel plated brass construction; Cap includes watertight seal; Key ring attachment.”

This Match Safe is just one small items that is available from Blain’s Farm & Fleet, a wonderful Midwest retailer.  Farm & Fleet currently has a great selection of products that are sure to help you make the most of the summer.

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