SALTCELWere I to compile a list of some of my favorite things ala Oprah, it is a definite that salt would show up as on of my favorite food items and Portsmouth, NH as one of my favorite places.  Mix the two together and I would be in heaven.

Well, it happened!  While walking around the cozy seaside city of Portsmouth recently, I stumbled upon the Salt Cellar.  Not a salt cellar, but a store called the Salt Cellar. Which is a pun I supposed as the store is indeed located below ground.

About the Salt Cellar: “We offer a selection of more than 40 finishing salts for eating and cooking, solid salt Himalayan blocks for cooking and serving, soaking salts and scrubs for your body, and many more salt-based products.”

I was in heaven the moment I walked into this store and started exploring the various salts and salt-related items on display.  I purchased a few salts, including a vanilla salt – which I describe as a “dessert salt.”

The good news for those who can’t make it to Portsmouth, the Salt Cellar has an online store where you can purchase some of their signature goods.

You have to love a place whose tagline is: “much ado about salt”!

Visit the Portsmouth Salt Cellar here.