BONBI love bikes and I love polar bears, so yeah, it makes total sense that I love this Bears on Bikes tee shirt from the L.A.-based design house, Poketo.

About the Bears on Bikes Tee from Poketo: “Cycle around town with these three lovable polar bears. Made with soft and comfy material, this shirt is made for exploring every corner of your favorite street with the same easy-going spirit as these ursine creatures. These three are definitely not your average bears.”

I do a ton of cycling around the hills and woods here in New Hampshire, and I have seen a few bears out and about while on my rides, none riding bikes themselves of course.  But contrary to the belief of some of my friends down south, the bears here are not quite the polar variety – we are pretty far north, but not that far north.  But I love this shirt just the same.

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