ItsAllMineNowPrint48x60F12As you know I fancy myself as a bit of an artist and somewhat of an art collector.  As such, I am often turned off to commercial and/or mass produced art.  However, I think I have found a piece that may be those things that I just have to have…

Artist Karl Lohnes‘ limited edition portrait of Queen Elizabeth with the tagline – “It’s all Mine Now” – which is now being offered exclusively from one of my favorite retailers, CB2.

About Karl Lohnes‘ ‘It’s all Mine Now” portrait of Queen Elizabeth: “All hail the queen. If the crown fits, own it. Queen Elizabeth II rules larger than life in a glam print by Canadian-based artist Karl Lohnes. Lohnes digitally layered and hand painted over her majesty’s 1953 coronation portrait by Welsh artist Margaret Lindsay Williams, declaring in lipstick red, ‘It’s all mine now.’ Draped in royal jewels, her highness pops regal against deep sapphire.”

Just in time to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee year and to help me decorate what I hope to be a very hip apartment in Portsmouth, NH, I have fallen in love with this print.

According to CB2, only 309 of these will be produced and it will not be reissued.  I have placed my order, but it is no guarantee I will receive one – so I am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that it will BE MINE soon.

Find Karl Lohnes‘ ‘It’s all Mine Now” portrait of Queen Elizabeth at CB2 here.

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