WHEEL2Last summer I told you about my visit to the wonderful “Show of Dreams” rally sponsored by British Cars of New Hampshire.  As an anglophile and appreciator of well-designed automobiles, I really enjoyed seeing so many well maintained classic cars gathered at the show in Wolfeboro, NH.

I made sure to mark my calendar to attend the event this year – which I did this past weekend – the 16th Annual Show of Dreams.  However, as wonderful as it was to see the cars again on what was a glorious summer’s day in one the prettiest resort towns in New England, I was thrilled to see a small collection of classic bicycles on display by a local chapter of The Wheelmen, an organization: “Dedicated To The Enjoyment And Preservation Of Our Bicycling Heritage.”

WHEEL3About The Wheelmen: “The Wheelmen are a national, non-profit organization dedicated to keeping alive the heritage of American cycling, promoting the restoration and riding of early cycles manufactured prior to 1918, and encouraging cycling as part of modern living. Members are intent on learning lost skills, retelling lost stories, researching and writing of the golden era of cycling.”

Amongst the rows and rows of gorgeous British roadsters, the small collection of bicycles stood out and attracted quite a bit of attention, which was nice to see.  Among the vintage gems were a few of those old-timey bikes with the giant front wheel, and a wonderful chainless bike, which is an amazing piece of engineering.

I was happy not only to see such great relics of bicycling history so well-preserved, but also to learn about this wonderful organization dedicated to them, The Wheelmen.

Oh yeah, and the cars were wonderful too.

Read more about The Wheelmen and their dedication to “Preservation Of Our Bicycling Heritage” here.

Find out more about British Cars of New Hampshire here.


One of the less sporty cars that caught my eye at the BCNH Show of Dreams: