MVW2I have made no secret of my love of a good spring water – still and sparkling. 

In fact I have been on a big kick since purchasing my Soda Stream home soda maker a couple of weeks back – drinking a ton of my own home made sparkling water out of the purest spring water I can find.

Meanwhile, I am always on the lookout for a good pre-bottled spring water and I have found a good one from Arkansas, Mountain Valley Spring Water.

About Mountain Valley Spring Water: “The quality of Mountain Valley Spring Water begins with the natural spring source the company has utilized and carefully protected since 1871. No activities are allowed on the 2,000 acres of forest land protecting our watershed other than those relating to the bottling of our premium spring water products.”

MVWI love the look and the old style glass bottles of Mountain Valley Spring Water.

The only problem for me is that they do not distribute their products to the Northeast (where I live in the glorious state of New Hampshire), but thankfully, Mountain Valley Spring Water sells on line and delivers everywhere.

Visit the online store of Mountain Valley Spring Water here.