bentoIt’s back to school time (more or less) and kids all over America are begging for a new soft-sided lunch box with a decal of Justin Beeber or some such on it.  Meanwhile, middle-aged men are scouring eBay to see if they can over-pay for a vintage The Empire Strikes Back lunchbox from the waning days of the metal variety.

Me?  Well, I have started a new phase where I am trying to be disciplined about lunch so I don’t overeat or do what I tend to do – which is graze between the hours of 10am and 3pm…

To help me in this endeavor, I have taken to preparing my lunches in advance.  This way I can be more planful in what I eat and ensure I have nice variety of food and controlled portions.  It occurred to be that the perfect tool to help me with this was the traditional Japanese bento box, which I have been served many times in Japanese restaurants.  I always loved the little compartments and how everything is neat and perfect.

So I set out to find the perfect bento box and I thin I may have – the Modern Bento Box from Portland, OR-based Canoe.

About The Modern Bento Box from Canoe: “This modern take on the traditional Japanese bento box food container is more than an exercise in styling: the design improves on the original through a number of functional features that ensure foods stay in their place and arrive intact. The durable, high quality plastic body has a ‘soft-touch’ finish with two airtight containers, an adjustable separator, and a wide elastic strap. Microwaveable and dishwasher safe, the boxes are ideal for taking lunch to work, to picnics, or other events. Winner of Europe’s 2012 Red Dot design award.”

With this Bento Box (or multiple ones if my experiment does well) I can prepare my lunch and make sure I don’t stray, er, outside of the box.

See the Modern Bento Box and all the really neat products curated by Canoe here.