scarfI think I told the story before about my search for a scarf while traveling around the streets of Florence last fall.  Egged on by my travel companion niece we looked in every shop and on every vendor cart, and just could not find the right one. 

Then. while walking by a shop we saw in the window the most amazing scarf adorning a display with an ensemble I could picture myself wearing.  We went into the store to check it out and to our great shock, it was a fancy one-of-a-kind hand painted thing that cost over 400 euro, a little over my budget.

I ended up settling for a much more modest scarf late from a street vendor in the 12 euro price range and all was good.  Until recently when the weather took a turn and my mind went back to fantasizing about that scarf in the shop in Florence and, well, any scarf.  Which led me to finding the Hacienda Montaecristo Rebozo Scarf, which I love.

About the Hacienda Montaecristo Rebozo Scarf“Designer Francesca Bonato’s Mexico-based accessories line, Hacienda Montaecristo, fuses tradition with contemporary design, as in this handmade Tan Rebozo Scarf. An important aspect of the Mexican culture, women have historically worn them in a variety of ways, from veils to headscarves. Make it your own and wear yours draped over a printed dress.”

Although made for women, I think the tan Rebozo Scarf would be fine for a man. But, on further inspection, I discovered that this lovely scarf is over $500!  Back to the drawing board.  Or maybe I should take up weaving or knitting.

The Hacienda Montaecristo Rebozo Scarf is available from ShopLatitude.

From the archives: The Infamous Scarf in the Florence Shop Window: