GIRAFGiraffes are the new monkeys.

There!  You heard it here first.

My love of monkeys (preferably wearing little fezzes) as a motif in art, sculpture and really anything, is well documented.  However, these days I find myself being attracted to things featuring giraffes at an alarmingly increasing frequency.  Things like the wonderful Ikat Giraffe Plate from C. Wonder.

About the Ikat Giraffe Plate: “For our series of Rajasthan-inspired decorative plates we commissioned original artwork befitting of these sartorially gifted beasts! Now with bold new borders, the plates are a charming way to brighten up any corner of your life, from desk to bedside, bathroom, and beyond.”

Find the Ikat Giraffe Plate and all the great products available from C. Wonder here.