stones1I fell in love with the work of artist Greg Stones a couple of years ago on a visit to the Blue Heron Gallery in Wellfleet, MA. I went back to the Wellfleet’s Blue Heron Gallery last week while on an annual tour of the town’s many galleries, and was thrilled to find a new selection of original works by Mr. Stones.

I was first drawn to Mr. Stones work due to his whimsical subject matter – thinks like dueling penguins and sock monkeys, alien invasions and… wait for it… zombies. I also like the small scale of his works and more than anything – his incredible talent which allows him to create such detail with gouache on paper.

stones2While looking at Mr. Stones’ works that were on display at the gallery, I fell in love with his “A Last Moment” – a pencil sketch with only part of the image colored in with paint depicting a young man seemingly saying goodbye to earth as an alien saucer descends in the sky.

I love the relative subtlety of the work – it is a serious image with a hint of Mr. Stones’ more whimsical pieces. I love it and I bought it. I can now say I own an original Greg Stones Gouache on paper.

Meanwhile, my taste for Greg Stones’ work was not yet satisfied. Upon exploring other works on his website, I purchased prints of “Big Foot with Bike” and “Dog Ponders Saucer” – both of which I just love.

I love “Big Foot with Bike” for Mr. Stones’ wonderful whimsical concept and of course the bike:


I like the “Dog Ponders Saucer” as it reminds me of winter here in New Hampshire and I could totally see that being the general reaction to an alien invasion here:


See more works by artist Greg Stones here.

Visit the Blue Heron Gallery in Wellfleet, MA here.