chocolatWhen I was a kid, I knew the neighbors who gave the best treats on Halloween and would make sure they were the first to be hit. Usually the “best” meant the people that gave away full-sized candy or the coveted Peanut Butter Cups.

So it makes sense that every Halloween I find myself thinking about fine candy and there is no better purveyor of candy around these days than Hotel Chocolat. Give the kids that come to your door Hotel Chocolat’s Boo Box of Halloween-themed dark chocolates and you can be sure your house will have the longest lines in the neighborhood.

About Hotel Chocolat’s Boo Box: “Scarily smooth Halloween figures cast in broodingly dark chocolate – don’t be scared of the dark! Each shape is individually wrapped so they are perfect for marauding trick or treaters and for sharing at Halloween parties.”

Find Hotel Chocolat’s Boo Box here.

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