usbtypFor real, THIS is the coolest thing I have ever found and featured here – the USB Typewriter.

I can’t imagine an idea or product that better fits what I and Lost Cowboy are all about than taking a vintage typewriter and turning it into a functioning keyboard for modern computing.

Seriously, the USB Typewriter is the best idea and practical application ever.  Sure the old telephones made to work with smart phones are cool, even the newly manufactured vintage-inspired phones that work with mobile phones are cool and we have featured them here.  The old (and new) record players that allow you to spin vinyl and convert recordings to mp3’s are great too.  But the USB Typewriter tops just about everything I have ever seen.

About USB Typewriter: “Our USB Typewriter circuitry can transform nearly any manual typewriter into a retro-futuristic marvel. Use a gorgeous vintage typewriter as your main computer keyboard, or type with ink-on-paper while electronically recording your keystrokes! We offer a D.I.Y. Conversion Kit, as well as a variety of customized typewriters, ranging from Victorian steampunk keyboards to iconic mid-century designs.”

My only problem now is convincing myself to spend the money to get one – or convince myself I have the technical skill to buy a kit and do a conversion myself.  For now, I will be admiring this innovation solution from afar.

Read more about USB Typewriter and its inventor here.

Visit the USB Typewriter etsy shop here to see their current inventory.