Part of our collective memories about Christmas morning is the joy of finding a model train set ringing the tree.  My best Christmases as a kid were the ones when I received a train set or additional cars and tracks.


One of the best places to find everything you could possibly want related to model trains is the Charles Ro Supply Company. This place is not for the casual hobbyist or the person looking for a train set for decoration.  Charles Ro sells stuff for the serious train fan.  I must admit I can’t figure out all the different scales or gauges, but it sure is fun looking at all the different things available.

I love the tradition freight trains or passenger trains, but I have to say I really like the trolley cars.

More mainstream retailers, like Target, sell train sets too.  Target is currently selling a train set based on the classic movie “A Christmas Story.”  Now that would look good on Christmas morning running around your brand new leg lamp.