EasterCard2When I was growing up we had a “wall unit” in our house. You know the type of thing: a large piece of furniture that covers a wall, part desk, part, bar, part book case… very Mad Men era.

Anyway, in one section of the wall unit, my mother kept tons of stationary and greeting cards for any occasion. If you forgot someone’s birthday and needed a last minute card, you could alrways find something quickly in my mom’s stash. This led to any generic card being referred to as a “wall unit special” – something that continues today in our family even with the wall unit long gone.

I mention this little memory because recently, while cleaning out a few boxes of old papers, I realized I found the long lost contents of the wall unit. I found all manner of old stationary and cards, including these two vintage Easter cards – a bunny (below) and a chick (above right) respectively. There were several of each and I sent them out to the family, of course referring to them as lost “wall unit specials.”

Easter is one of those holidays that lives in my memories as a child. Finding these cards, and sharing them with the family has made this Easter season a little more special.