During the holidays I love to read old books and stories that harken back to a time gone by. For some reason Christmas brings out the nostalgia in me.  Some years it is old school Dickens, as in “A Christmas Carol” or really any of his works.  Somehow Dickens just screams Christmas.The-Thin-Man-Poster-C10132902

This year I have been poking around in a Dashiell Hammett anthology.  Hammett, best known perhaps for “The Thin Man” and “The Maltese Falcon” wrote great detective stories and they are great to read.  Hammett’s prose and snappy dialog is as current and relevant today as it was in the first half of the last century.

I love his novel “The Dain Curse” which is just great.  This is nostalgic to me not only because it is an old school classic, but I actually read it back in my old school days.  So when I read it now it is like I am a 14 year-old again. 

But now as adult, I appreciate the wit and elegance of Hammett’s writing in a whole new way. I highly recommend that you pick up one of Hammett books, perhaps for that Kindle you asked for this year. 

If you don’t have the time or desire to read the books, then put some of the classic movies based on Hammett’s works in your Netflix queue.  Start with “The Thin Man” and all the sequels, just pure classic cinema joy.  Or go right to the “Maltese Falcon” – Bogart, Astor and Greenstreet = perfection!