When I was a kid my brother was really into comic books.  Dude, seriously, really into them.  I was not.  Although I did like Classic Illustrated a series of comics that illustrated the great books of fiction.  As I kid I loved all the books like “Treasure Island” and “The Last of the Mohicans” and Classic Illustrated comics brought them to life.


So I was really happy to find Masterpiece Comics recently on the great website Drawn and Quarterly.   Masterpiece Comics is a graphic book that brings classics of literature alive once more – with a bit of a twist.

As described by Drawn and Quarterly: “Masterpiece Comics adapts a variety of classic literary works with the most iconic visual idioms of twentieth-century comics. Dense with exclamation marks and lurid colors, R. Sikoryak’s parodies remind us of the sensational excesses of the canon, or, if you prefer, of the economical expressiveness of classic comics from Batman to Garfield. In “Blond Eve,” Dagwood and Blondie are ejected from the Garden of Eden into their archetypal suburban home; Oscar Wilde’s Dorian Gray is reimagined as a foppish Little Nemo; and Camus’s Stranger becomes a brooding, chain-smoking Golden Age Superman. Other source material includes Dante, Shakespeare, Dostoyevsky, bubblegum wrappers, superhero comics, kid cartoons, and more.”

You can read more about Masterpiece Comics and checkout a preview on Drawn and Quarterly.  While you are there, click around the site.  You may find yourself interested in reading more about that graphic novel craze that seems to have no ebb. 

Drawn and Quarterly is based in Montreal where they have a retail shop.  I have already put this place on my “must visit” list when I am up there next.

Anyway, you can find Masterpiece Comics at other retailers like Amazon, along with many other modern graphic novels – some very dark and serious like the fabulous “New Orleans: After the Deluge” by Josh Neufeld.  Definitely not my brother’s comic books.

Visit Drawn and Quarterly here.