FF: Kusmi Tea

FF1I love tea, as you know, and I am always looking for new and interesting varieties to add to my collection. I think I have hit a homerun with the teas of Kusmi of Paris.

About Kusmi Tea: “For 140 years, Kusmi Tea has been offering to gourmets the finest in high quality tea blends. The famous tea brand offers unique Russian blends like Prince Wladimir tea, Anastasia or Saint Petersbourg tea, whose recipes are kept secret for more than a century, but also many traditional and flavored blends. More recently, Kusmi Tea has launched a wellness tea collection with the delicious Detox tea, the soothing Be Cool or the stimulating Boost. Distributed all over the world, the Kusmi teas are a reference for tea connoisseur, and every tea lovers.”

I have ordered the Kusmi Detox tea: “Blend of maté and Chinese green tea flavored with lemon and lemon grass. The combination of maté and green tea makes Detox the perfect drink to detoxify and reinvigorate the body throughout the day. Detox is also refreshing and delicious if served iced in the summertime.”

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FF: House Spirit Distillery

ff2Portland, Oregon-based House Spirit Distillery get the Friday Find whiskey spot today…

About House Spirit Distillery: “Every spirit that is brought to life at House Spirits Distillery echoes of years gone by. We have great respect for our distilling elders and incorporate old world philosophy into our products for the savvy new world palate. We have achieved well-balanced and flavorful spirits that embody complexity and timelessness. Each of our spirits have personality, and each spirit we release has the richness and craftsmanship to be enjoyed on their own. These engaging liquors and liqueurs will also lend beautifully to your best-loved drinks and cocktails.”

I am going to try House Spirit’s Westward Malt Whiskey.

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FF: The cool products of Merkury Innovations

FF3There are many third party providers for accessories for your iPhone of iPad (and similar but not as cool devices), but I have not found many that offer the quality or selection of Merkury Innovations.

Merkury Innovations has items like this Universal Smartphone Air Vent Mount: “Keep your devices securely and conveniently mounted to your car air vent for easy viewing while driving. This versatile mount can switch between vertical and horizontal viewing angles, is easy to install/remove, and works in all vehicles.”

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FF: The Black Mission Fig Jam of Blue Chair Fruit Company

FFBMIt is said that the Blue Chair Fruit Company “is the premier artisanal jam and marmalade company in the United States” and one taste of their products, like the Black Mission Fig Jam, will tell you why.

About the Black Mission Fig Jam of Blue Chair Fruit Company: “A fig transformed into jam! We’ve taken this year’s plumpest Black Mission figs, added a splash of Chartreuse and Benedictine to bring out their punchy warmth, and created a jam that will take your breath away. This gorgeous, glowing red-velvet jam is sumptuously earthy, and will be the hit of the party as the centerpiece on your cheese platter.”

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