I love calendars.  I have four or five old school wall calendars around the house.  By the time we get to this point in the year I have really bond with them.  It makes me sad when I take down the old and put up the new.


I used to keep a desk diary calendar.  You know the type, a book where you write everything in.  I haven’t kept one in years, ever since someone gave me a Palm Pilot.  I have years worth of the old diaries in my keepsakes and I love looking at them as they capture what my life was like in the old days.  Somehow the electronic version just doesn’t do that so well.

The best desk calendar I ever found was the New Yorker Desk Diary.  They still produce one every year.  I am thinking about going back to the old ways.  And if I do, I will totally be purchasing the 2010 New Yorker Desk Diary.

For the calendar on the wall, the folks at Hammerpress have some cool designs. And then there is the 2010 Abacus Calendar from Abacus Gallery.  They are offering  the twenty fourth edition of their calendar with brand new artwork for the year 2010 by Dana Heacock. This cute puppy, Mr. November, makes it worth buying two.

The choices for calendars are endless.  A good calendar can make you feel good all year.  I have a 2009 Steve McQueen calendar which has been my favorite all year.  McQueen was boy favorite movie star as a kid and seeing him on my wall made me feel great.

So choose your calendars wisely folks.  Happy New Year!