I am one of the many who love the annual ritual of watching “It’s a Wonderful Life” every year at Christmas time.  I also like to make sure I catch “White Christmas” and as many of the classic specials as I can.  And I will often sit through all of “Meet Me in St. Louis” just to see the big payoff: Judy Garland singing “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.” Oh and I love every version of “A Christmas Carol” especially the Alistair Sim version (cliché) and the musical version with Albert Finney (“Scrooge”).


But there is no other holiday movie that makes me feel that special holiday spirit than the 1945 classic, “Christmas in Connecticut” with Barbara Stanwyck, Dennis Morgan and the fabulous Sydney Greensteet.

I don’t know how it started, but for some reason for many years back in the day I tossed in the VHS tape of this film every year as I wrapped my presents.  Soon it became a tradition and something I looked forward to. 

I lapsed a couple of years, most likely due to the fact that I retired the old VHS VCR and never upgraded to the DVD version of the movie.  But then last year I was happy  see the film show up on Turner Classic Movies and was overcome with a fit of nostalgia that I ran for the wrapping paper.

The movie is charming.  A bit dated.  But Stanwyck is radiant and the story is just delightful.  Just a pleasant break from some of the more popular holiday fare.  I highly recommend it, especially if you like old movies and have never seen this one.

I have already recorded “Christmas in Connecticut” this year and have planned a night home by myself tonight to watch it.  I am going to pop a big bowl of popcorn, make some hot cocoa and sit back and enjoy.  I may even wrap a present or two…