OK, so my Friday Finds yesterday (and next Friday) weren’t enough to satisfy all the great things I found on my trip to Chicago, so today I present a few more great “Chicago Finds”.


OTOWere I ever to move to Chicago, I think I would try to live in the Old Town neighborhood as I just love it there. Old Town is home to a great mix of restaurants, theatres and cool shops like Old Town Oil – which offers fine olive oils and vinegars.

About Old Town Oil: “At Old Town Oil, we’re dedicated to discovering the highest quality olive oil and vinegars from around the world. We’ve spent years building direct relationships with small batch producers to bring you delicious, unique products you won’t find anywhere else.”

About Old Town Oil oils: “Whether you favor the spicy bite of Italian olive oils or the buttery sweetness of the Spanish varieties, our cold pressed, 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oils are healthy components in all types of cuisines. Pair them with our premium balsamic vinegars for delicious vinaigrettes, add them to sauces and marinades, or simply drizzle them over your favorite pasta dishes.”

Check out Old Town Oil here.

CHICAGO FIND: String A Strand On Wells

SASAlso in Chicago’s Old Town district is the fun bead store String A Strand On Wells where you can make your own jewelry.

About String A Strand On Wells: “String A Strand On Wells bead store is located on the north side of Chicago. We are proud to serve Chicago with the finest beads from around the world. Inventory includes one of the largest hand selected semi-precious gems, 14 karat gold filled and sterling silver findings, chains, natural coral, vintage beads, crystal, tools, jewelry and gifts.”

Read more about String A Strand On Wells here.

CHICAGO FIND: Village Cycle Center

VCCMeanwhile, as a huge bicycle fan, I love that Chicago’s Old Town is the home of the great bike shop Village Cycle Center.

About Village Cycle: “You Not Only Want Your Bike To Go The Extra Mile, But Your Bike Store Too. Thinking of buying a new bicycle? Do you want the best selection of bikes? Village Cycle Center has more bikes in stock than any single store in the nation. We have over 10,000 bikes in stock and if we don’t have the bike you want, odds are no one does. One of your first choices, and not necessarily an easy one, will be where to shop. It can be a challenge because there are a myriad of stores that carry two-wheelers, from specialty retailers, to giant department stores, to backyard garage operations. Village Cycle Center makes bike buying fun, easy, affordable, and quick.”

See all the bikes offered and services provided by Chicago’s Village Cycle Center here.

CHICAGO FIND: The Glunz Tavern

GLZIn need of a little nosh and refreshment while browsing around Old Town you have many great options, but I like The Glunz Tavern – the hospitality arm of the old world wine and spirits distributor The House of Glunz.

About The Glunz Tavern: “Originally founded in 1888 by Louis Glunz I, this popular neighborhood gathering spot has sat vacant for more than 90 years following its closure just prior to Prohibition, but now it stands as a 48-seat destination at the hands of his granddaughter and great-grandson. The Glunz Tavern of the 21st century presents a world-class tasting experience of the finest wine, beer, and spirits, complemented by a menu of classic refined European-style fare from Consulting Chef Allen Sternweiler.”

About The House of Glunz: “Since the late 19th century, the Glunz name has been synonymous with the distribution of fine wines, beers, and spirits, starting with Louis Glunz’s Schlitz Beer concession at the 1893 Columbian Exhibition and moving through the 1900s as his family continued to bottle, distribute, and sell Schlitz and other private-label beers and spirits for producers across the Midwest.”

Visit The Glunz Tavern online here.