LFSI am not going to go into the details right now, but I happen to be in possession of scores of fly swatters. Some years ago I started a collection of flyswatters and ended up with way more than I ever wanted as a result. I have several swatters that I display like flowers in a vase during the summer and it is always a conversation piece.

However, I have no swatter as cool as the Leather Fly Swatter from Kaufmann Mercantile, “a handmade English leather and white ash fly swatter that hearkens to a pre-plastic era. Made in Amish Country, Ohio exclusively for Kaufmann Mercantile.”

About the Leather Fly Swatter from Kaufmann Mercantile: “The plastic neon swatter that just broke apart in your hand won’t do a thing for you when flies begin buzzing around your BBQ chicken and corn-on-the-cob. This one is custom made for KM and features a white ash handle cut by Amish craftsmen and finished with Skidmore’s Beeswax, a swat panel made from vegetable-tanned English bridle leather (which means it’s finished on both sides), flat brass pins, and features a nice, big hole for hanging. This fly swatter is made by a maker of leather goods for 41 years who started making fly swatters when he worked in a leather shop in a Civil War-era village (where relics from the twentieth century weren’t allowed).”

Even with this swatter and the dozens already on hand in my collection, it seems that I can never find one when I really need one.

BTW Kaufmann Mercantile has a lot of cool stuff – check them out here.