One of the only good things about the early January post-holiday lull is the fact that just about everything goes on sale.  The best sales, of course, are on all of the Christmas-themed items that are still hanging around.


The folks at Ballard Designs has a bunch of cool things on sale, but these fun Dog Breed Needlepoint Stockings caught my eye.  I wish I saw these before Christmas – a Yorkie version with one or all of Sophie’s “babies’” names monogrammed on it would have been the perfect gift for her.

I happen to think that these may actually make a nice year-round gift.  The colors are not all that Christmassy and what dog doesn’t like to play with socks?  Come to think of it one of Sophie’s Yorkies, the little scamp named Harry, loves to steal socks and run away with them.

OK, the perfect Christmas gift may just be the perfect birthday gift!

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