SAM_0549 (800x600)As a photographer, I always have my camera with me just in case I see something that catches my eye.  Most of my official work (my art) are photographs of street scenes I “find” while walking around.  For example, if I see a bicycle up against a wall you can be sure I will snap a few shot of it.

Anyway, other motifs I can’t resist are collections of similar items.  While browsing the antique shows and flea markets I attend I am constantly snapping photos of the goods for sale.  Most of these pictures end up in my giant photo repository never to be seen again.

Well, the other day while cleaning out my files, I was inspired to select a few pics to present here.  So here are a few of the “found” collections I spotted so far this season at Brimfield and Todd Farm – two of my favorite vintage markets.

Click on the thumbnail for a larger view.  Enjoy!