SAM_0614 (640x480)Next up in my “Summer Finds” series of things I have found while touring around church fairs, flea markets, arts festival, and country auctions over the past few month are these vintage doll heads I found at Brimfield in July.

The Brimfield Show is the giant antique and collectibles show that takes over the small town of Brimfield, MA three times a year. By the way, the third and final Brimfield Show for 2013 will be held Sept. 3-8, 2013 – which is coming up fast so if you can, make plans to go.

Anyway, at the Brimfield Show in July I picked up a few things that I have mentioned before. However, I never got around to talking about this small collection of vintage doll heads I purchased. The delay in my post about these gems may have something to do with the weirdness factor of such a purchase. That said, I have used old doll part in some of my assemblage works and I thought these doll heads had great potential.

Of course my artwork featuring doll heads (and other parts) are the ones I receive the most comments on. It is one of those things – either you love them or you hate them – but everybody comments on them.

I love the look of these doll head in the bowl just the way I found them:

SAM_0613 (640x480)

Learn more about the Brimfield Show and plan for the upcoming September Show (Sept. 3-8) here and here.