Today in my “Summer Finds” series of things I have found while touring around church fairs, flea markets, arts festival, and country auctions over the past few months are the items I purchased at an estate auction a couple of weeks ago.

While attending the arts show I mentioned the other day in my post about artist Rick Barrett, I saw this painting by another artist that depicted one of the great joys of a New England summer: the traditional country estate auction:

SAM_1578 (800x797)

I was looking at the painting and thinking how much I wanted to attend a good old auction. My chance came a few days later when I was fortunate enough to attend an estate auction in nearby Tamworth, NH conducted by William A. Smith Auctions.

SAM_1661 (640x479)This auction was perfect. The day was perfect and the setting even more perfect – an old-school country estate auction under a tent in a freshly mowed field. There is no better way to spend a day.

The estate, an antique farmhouse loaded with goodies, had been the home of a couple who had lived there for decades and lived long lives, the husband living to over 100 years. 

Although I had my eye on a number of lots, I really did not win much. But I was happy to see spirited bidding and an overall festive atmosphere.

I did end up with a few treasures, like… this antique music stand (left) and this lot of vintage luggage (right) including a classic doctor’s bag:

SAM_1680 (401x640) AUC1

I also picked up this small lot of bookends, including these Egyptian-inspired bookends (left) and this gorgeous dog bookend (right):

SAM_1699 (640x480) SAM_1695 (570x640)

Last but certainly not least, I landed this great collection of four original prints.  Hard to see from this picture, but they are quite lovely:

SAM_1704 (640x608)