You have heard me rave about the chocolates made by Hotel Chocolat before, but I wanted to share a specific story about one of their great products.


While roaming around the Hotel Chocolat website looking for gift ideas, I stumbled upon their Vintage Dark Chocolate Buttons and was instantly intrigued.  At the time I was in the midst of cataloging my mother’s massive button collection and thought how perfect the chocolate buttons would be to give to my mother for Christmas.

Hotel Chocolat’s Vintage Dark Chocolate Buttons are described:  “Straight from London ’s antique markets, these solid dark chocolate buttons are cast in authentic vintage button molds. Exclusive, retro and distinctly dark, these make a perfect little something gift or personal indulgence.”  How cool is that?

Well, I purchased a couple of boxes, one for Sophie, who loved them, and one for my mother.  My mother was thrilled to see them.  Being diabetic, she wished she could eat them, but even at that she said they were “too beautiful to eat.”  Well, she opened the box and looked at them.  One by one she pointed them out:  “I have that one…  I have that one…  I’ve seen that one in book…”  Truly amazing.

I knew my mother had something special with that collection of buttons, but every day I appreciate it a little more.