Who doesn’t like chocolate? Well, I really don’t, but that doesn’t stop me from appreciating it and the way people go crazy over it. We’ve covered the fancy high-end creation of Hotel Chocolat – that’s old school European. Now, I have found the new world Taza Chocolates of Central America.


About Taza Chocolate: “Founded in 2006, Taza Chocolate was born out of a desire to combine the Mesoamerican tradition of chocolate with a modern, high-quality product manufactured in a socially responsible way.”

The “60% Stone Ground Dark Chocolate Bar” is the treat that caught my eye: “Taza 60% stone ground dark chocolate is handcrafted in small batches from single origin Dominican cacao. Our 60% dark chocolate bar explodes with the essence of red berries, caramel, and mocha. A touch of added cocoa butter and a hint of biodynamic vanilla bean rounds out the flavor. Taza 60% stone ground bar is the perfect point of departure for exploring our whole family of dark chocolates. 100% USDA certified organic.”

Somehow “socially responsible” and “certified organic” sounds like it can relieve the guilt of overindulging in chocolate – which sounds good to us.

Check out Taza Chocolate here.