Last week I presented a few of my Finds from my day out in Portland, ME attending arts festivals in August. Today, I present some more of the great artists (and art) I found in Portland.

FF: The natural fiber prints of Fiber and Water

fw1I love the work of Fiber and Water, a group of artists who hand-press images on natural fibers. First, the designs are cool and classic and by printing on textiles – like burlap – this art has a texture that looks great in frames and ultimately on your wall.

About Fiber and Water: “Fiber and Water represents a collection of hand-pressed designs on natural fibers, that make a unique piece of burlap wall art. Every item is carefully constructed in our studio on the coast of Maine. All artwork is created by the inspirations in life, travel & cuisine. We are perfectionists. We set the standards very high for ourselves and care about every person we work with and every single material and design detail that goes into the goods. We never overlook the details. This may not be the easy way, but it is an honest way and it is what we pride ourselves with! We do the best we possibly can to give our customers unique wall decor at an affordable price!”

In addition to evocative imagery like dogs and anchors, Fiber and Water has a neat “roots” series featuring a silhouette of a state or country with roots (get it?). I of course like New Hampshire Roots (above right): “A great silhouette of the state of New Hampshire, enhanced with roots for those New Hampshire natives who are never too far away. This hand-printed piece of art has beautiful texture from a combination of natural burlap and water-based paints.”

I also love the Fiber and Water’s image of a Vintage 1940’s Racing Bicycle:


See all the “hand-pressed designs on natural burlap” of Fiber and Water here.

FF: Mainely Labs Studio

mls1One look at the images of the playful and colorful dogs in the works of Mainely Labs and you can’t help but smile. Mainely Labs Studio, which features the “Lab Art” of Portland-based artist Jim Williams, delights with original paintings, prints and all manner of merchandise featuring this great art.

About Jim Williams, the artist behind Mainely Labs: “In my Lab Art I try to capture the essence of Labrador Retrievers. Labs have a distinct shape, which you can instantly pick out even from a distance. I love to use bold colors to set off the distinct Lab shape. It doesn’t matter if the dog is a black Lab, chocolate Lab, yellow Lab, white Lab, silver Lab, blue Lab or red Lab… you recognize a Lab when you see one. I like the way they stand, sit, walk, run, romp, swim, jump, chase, retrieve, sleep or just stare at you when you are at the dinner table. They are all alike, yet they are all different. My paintings don’t represent any one Lab, but all Labs.”

MLS.fThe prints and other art featuring the great work of Mainely Labs Studios is all fine, but you can’t help but love the flask featuring one of the dogs: “Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker. Our 6 oz. stainless steel flask allows you to get your whiskey fix just about anywhere. With a sleek, curved design that hugs the body, you can slip it in your pocket for a discreet drink anytime. Gift your Groomsmen or bring to the Bachelorette Party, a custom metal flask is a timeless treasure for the alcohol aficionado.”

See a gallery of Mainely Labs here. 

How can you not love works like Lab Dance?:


Mainely Labs Studio is located at 164 Middle St. as part of Two Paths Gallery in Portland, Maine.

FF: The Illustrations and Designs of Kris Johnsen

kj1I spotted artist Kris Johnsen at the Picnic Music+Arts Festival (the hipster version of Portland’s Sidewalk Art Festival) and fell in love with his work. Mr. Johnsen is a very talented illustrator and has produced work for many events and other clients and we are fortunate to have him share his work with the public.

I love Mr. Johnsen’s Ride or Die Poster: “Screen Printed poster for ARTCRANK – Interbike group art show in Las Vegas, Nevada. 2 color screen print.”

I also love Mr. Johnsen’s Whale Print…

Until the Path is No More Screen Print:


See all the great designs and illustrations of Kris Johnsen here.

FF: Medusawolf – the Art of A. E. Brown

AEB2Also at the Portland Picnic, I found Medusawolf.

About Medusawolf – the Art of A. E. Brown: “I’m a very shy fellow and my artwork has always been a way for me to reach out to others and for them to reach for me. I try to be a decent person, which isn’t hard, let’s face it. When I’m not drawing/painting/cobbling together a toy I love to ride my bike, visit nature, eat pizza, and do other things humans like to do.”

I love Mr. Brown’s Doom Division Bicycle series.

Seriously, how can you not love amira vos fox bicycle?


Visit Medusawolf’s Etsy shop here.