You know how we love vintage and “retro” stuff here at Lost Cowboy. We have talked about websites we have found in the past, and we have a new one for you… Retro Redheads. There is some cool stuff here, nothing terribly different than what you can get elsewhere, but we like the fact that they have a niche and do not overwhelm with things that are peripheral to their main purpose.


About Retro Redheads: “Here at Retro Redheads you will find a selection of vintage items from the 1930’s through the 1960’s – such as Vintage Tablecloths, Vintage Kitchen Linens, Vintage Souvenir Plates, Embroidered Sentiments, Vintage Cocktail & Beverage, Fire King, as well as high-quality vintage reproduction kitchen linens for the home – and so much more!”

Take a look around, you will be sure to find some cool things. I like this Vintage 1950’s Turquoise Ice Crusher – which I am sure my grandmother had and was using well into the 80’s – that’s the 1980’s.

Check out Retro Redheads here.