MACELI love the idea of Macel & Company. Their business model is very simple, they sell “chic and stylish linens for everyday utility tables.” Which basically means they offer coverings for the various folding and buffet tables that usually look shabby when you haul them out for special occasions.

With a basic covering and a topper from Macel & Company, even your most dumpy of tables can look quite elegant.

About Macel & Company: “Macel & Company was created out of a desire to take something great and make it even better. Style and function came together and created the perfect accessory for commonly used utility tables. With easy care instructions and so much versatility, our tablecovers are the ultimate solution to making buffet lines, dinner seating or your office work space look completely chic and stylish.”

In addition to dressing up a table for a party or special event, I think the linens of Macel & Company are perfect for anyone looking to class up a booth at an art fair – like me. Have you seen the tattered sheets I have been using on the tables in my art show booth?

See all the chic and stylish linens of Macel & Company here.