ASCToday’s Find is not so much a “find” as a rediscovery: the amazing Atlantic Spice Company.

I have posted about Atlantic Spice in the past, but a recent visit to their retail outlet in North Truro, MA made me want to sing their praises again.

Atlantic Spice, Company is a wholesale purveyor of spices and related products sold mostly through catalog and online outlets out of their Truro warehouse. Lucky for me, they also run a retail outlet at their warehouse where I popped in recently on my recent trip to Cape Cod.

About Atlantic Spice Company: “We are a wholesale company that offers the highest quality culinary herbs and spices, extracts, teas, dehydrated vegetables, nuts, seeds, botanicals and essential oils. Our customers range from individuals who order by the pound, to restaurants, food co-ops, and health food stores, who order in much larger quantities. Atlantic Spice Company also offers a large assortment of bulk potpourri ingredients and fragrance oils to either the home or professional crafter. All of the items found in our extensive wholesale catalog are (also) available in the store at the same great discounts. Browse among the more than 250 herbs, spices and baking and food items that range from allspice to zaatar including saffron and vanilla beans.”

I love Atlantic Spice’s huge selection of salts in bulk, and packaged salts like my all-time favorite Maldon Sea Salt.

I also love Atlantic Spice’s collection of loose teas – on my recent visit I picked up a few bags of my favorite, Licorice Mint Tea: “This herbal tea is a blend of peppermint leaves, spearmint leaves and licorice root. The combination of these ingredients forms a unique blend of mints and licorice, especially easy to enjoy knowing that it is caffeine-free.”

As cool as a visit to Atlantic Spice Company’s store is, lucky for us, you can purchase everything they sell on Atlantic Spice Company’s online shop.

Check out the Atlantic Spice Company online here.

The Atlantic Spice Company retail store is located at the junction of Routes 6 and 6A in North Truro, MA and is open year-round.