We have talked about Retro Redheads in the past – a site with some cool stuff. While looking back at some of our postings we re-visited the Retro Redhead site and found more cool things than we saw before.


Case in point, the “Howdy Pardner Little Tots Wall Clock” which would have really looked good in my bedroom circa 1972. This was at a time I shared a room with my brother. He liked astronauts and I like cowboys. Our room was decked out in a western moon theme. My side of the room had cowboy curtains and bed linens. His side had the same stuff with spaceships and astronauts. Somehow it all seemed to work.

About the Howdy Pardner Little Tots Wall Clock: “Howdy partners! Our wild west clock for boys features great retro cowboy imagery. Retro boys western imagery features cowboys, Indians and the Lone Ranger. Using a process called Giclée, which is commonly used for fine art reproduction, our unique imagery is printed directly onto cotton cloth. This printing process yields unparalleled color vibrancy and detail.”