sbcI love London, as any regular visitor to Lost Cowboy knows, and I don’t need much of an excuse to plan a trip that great city. However, I have found an event that makes me want to jump on the next plane to be in London for next weekend: The Classic Car Boot Sale at London’s Southbank Centre.

A “boot sale” is basically a flea market of the type I like to frequent. The “boot” being the Brit’s name for the trunk of a car. At a boot sale, vendors drive in and open their trunks and sell their wares.

The Classic Car Boot Sale is by far the coolest event of this type I have ever heard of. First of all, a visit to the Southbank of the Thames in London on any day is a treat, but to add a vintage sale to it and I am just busting with desire to go.


About the Classic Car Boot Sale at London’s Southbank Centre: “The Classic Car Boot Sale assembles the finest vintage fashion, accessories and homewares traders operating from the boot of their vintage vehicles alongside show stopping classic car displays, London’s finest street food wagons and all manner of vintage fun that can be had on two and four wheels. Taking place on 12th October 2013, along the banks of the River Thames, London’s iconic Southbank Centre will come alive with a glorious exhibit of classic cars and vintage vehicular delights. Queen’ s Walk and Southbank Centre Car Park – Hungerford Bridge will become a petrolhead’s paradise and a vintage shopper’s cornucopia of clothing, accessories, pop culture memorabilia and vinyl records. If street food is your thing then we’ve gathered a selection of wicked wagons serving up the finest amongst a sprinkling of impromptu musical performances and street theatre. Ladies bring your man. Gentlemen bring your lady… There’s something for everyone here!”

Of course this event has “hipster” written all over it – but that is not necessarily a bad thing. Some of my favorite people are hipster Londoners.

See more about the Classic Car Boot Sale at London’s Southbank Centre here.