It is annual performance appraisal season at my day job. It is a process that never seems to be easy even though it can be important to those who are being evaluated. Anyway, the whole thing would be so much easier if we were to adopt a Performance Appraisal Pad like we found on Knock Knock.12211_PerfAppraisal_1

First, you got to love a website whose tag line is “we put the fun in functional.” Second, you have to love these pads, which are meant to help you appraise the performance of folks in your like outside of the office.

As they say: “What relationship or collaboration wouldn’t benefit from a frank evaluation? Take formal criticism out of the workplace and into the home—not only will friends and loved ones value your candor, they’ll know exactly how to improve for the future.”

A great idea!

Check out these pads and the other fun stuff at Knock Knock.