Fans of the Cowboy may know already how much we love the Cape Cod town of Wellfleet , MA. Wellfleet is one of those places that offers so much in physical beauty that it has attracted a great community of artists over the years. There is great experimental theater as well as a slew of galleries with artwork from all over.


It was on a trip to visit the galleries of Wellfleet last fall when I stumbled up the Blue Heron Fine Art gallery where I spotted to work of artist Greg Stones.

Stones’ work is just the type of thing I like – realism with whimsy. You can be looking at a lovely landscape appreciating the beauty of it before realizing there is a zombie walking in the distance. Or grim reapers, sock puppet monkeys or skiing penguins. I love it!

It takes true talent to be able to paint this well, but a true genius to mix the comedic and bizarre elements into something so compelling.

Check out Stones’ art here.