I miss my container garden, I am not going to lie. The autumn freezes have pretty much killed off the last of anything still growing here in New Hampshire and it is a long time until spring.

However, I have found a couple of cool things to help the gardener in me make it through the winter.

First, to help me organize all the seeds I have collected from my flowers and vegetables this past season, there is the Seed Packet Organizer & Seed Envelopes from Gardener’s Edge (above right).

About the Seed Packet Organizer & Seed Envelopes from Gardener’s Edge: “For the more organized gardener, or those that aspire to be! Collect, organize and store seeds by their planting month in this stylish powder-coated tin. Far too lovely to leave tucked away in the garden shed—bring it inside to make a charming decorative display! Comes complete with pencil, monthly dividers and five special seed storage envelopes to start collecting your own seeds. Great for the avid gardener or someone just getting started.”

Right now I have my seeds in little cups and envelops and they are all over the place. The Seed Packet Organizer is the perfect thing for someone like me.

See all the products of Gardener’s Edge here.

ffrcMeanwhile, to help keep cuttings and other plants going indoors over the winter there is the Rootcup Planter – which makes the whole process easy. The Rootcup is also great for forcing bulbs inside – like the Paperwhites I like to grow for the holidays.

About Rootcup Planter: “Rootcup Planter is a small sub-irrigation planter made of durable BPA free, phthalate free, food-grade silicone. The soft matte finish won’t scratch your desk or countertop and soil and water are completely contained so water won’t flow out the bottom like a usual ceramic pot. Rootcup Planter can be used as a sub-irrigation / self-watering planter, just lift the insert and add water to the cup, water will wick up into the soil, perfect for African violet. For cactus and succulents, water can easily drain through the insert to the cup, helping to prevent rot in plants that prefer to stay dry most of the time.”

Visit the Rootcup shop here.