AADumpster2.10.13In the early days of Lost Cowboy, I shared stories about cleaning out my parents’ country home in New Hampshire after they moved to a more manageable homestead in their golden years. We filled a dumpster or two with all sorts of stuff that they had accumulated in the house and barn and left the rest for the future.

Anyway, in the intervening years, I moved into the house (where I am now) to take a bit of a sabbatical from my career and continue to clean up the property for its eventual sale. This past week I have played host to another dumpster – all 30 square yards of it – which was filled with more stuff from the barn, attic, and basement of the old house.

The first “Dumpster Weekend” back in 2009 was very emotional for all of us, especially my parents, and it was very tough as it was the first big sign of huge life change. This recent Dumpster Week was less emotional and more therapeutic as much of what was thrown into the dumpster was really trash that had no real value but was just cluttering up the house.

That said, as I poured through various boxes of stuff there were a few cool “finds” that I saved from the dumpster – which I will be sharing here in the coming days.