Our country is full of small museums that can turn afternoon into a delightful exploration of treasures unknown.  One such place is the National Heritage Museum located in historic Lexington, MA “the birthplace of the American Revolution .”


The museum offer some nice exhibitions, often focusing on folk art or other American art forms that larger museums may not even consider.  The museum is currently showing the “Valentines from the Kaman Collection, 1910-1920” featuring some of the great works of art that were the Valentines of the early part of the last century.

About the Exhibition through February 28, 2010:  “Romantic Valentine greetings have been popular as far back as the Middle Ages when lovers said or sang their verses to their sweeties. Today we are most familiar with the pretty paper variety. Each year, the Van Gorden-Williams Library presents a delightful display of antique Valentines from its collection. Smiling puppies and impish cherubs, lovely maidens and heartsick gentlemen, the characters on these charming cards convey their messages of love to sweethearts of long ago. Many of the cards on view stand up or feature moving parts, showing an inventiveness rarely seen in cards today.”


Whether or not you can make this exhibition, we suggest a trip to the National Heritage Museum if you ever find yourself in Lexington.  Especially if you are around for the extraordinary reenactment of the Battle of Lexington which happens every April on Patriots’ Day in Massachusetts.  Worth the trip for a little splash of history.


Visit the National Heritage Museum online here.